Nest Egg Alert Investors are experiencing an unprecedented change in the way they manage their investments:
  • Spending less time on investment research than ever before
  •  Making Higher Returns and Bigger Profits
  •  Complete Protection from declines and market crashes
  •  All for less than $1 a Day
Introducing... Nest Egg Alert
The ONLY investment watchdog service that hands you MORE profits and more portfolio protection with LESS time and effort.
Spend Less Time Than Ever on Investment Research
You don't have to spend hours upon hours researching your investments anymore.
Nest Egg Alert eliminates the need to look at P/E ratios, charts, fancy indicators and financial statements... Boiling everything down to 3 color-coded signals:
  •  GREEN means it's okay to buy a security. If you do own it, you make take the opportunity to buy more and capture even more gains.
  •  RED means do not buy. If you don't own a security showing a red light, now is not the time to buy. If you do own a security showing a red light, sell immediately to protect yourself from losses!
  •  YELLOW means stay where you are. It's not the time to buy, but it's also not the time to sell. If you don't own a security showing a yellow light, don't buy now. If you do own it, it's not time to sell either. Just stay put until you get a signal to buy or sell.
GREEN = it's OK to buy
RED = don't buy
YELLOW = stay put
Make Higher Returns and More Profits Year After Year
Northrop Grumman... a stock almost no one is talking about: 
Up over 184% in only 2 years!
Sometimes the most ignored stocks are the most profitable.... 
While few investment advisors were talking about Northrop Grumman, it's almost tripled in just 2 years.
Could you have profited from the huge drop in oil?
Yes you could... the Ultrashort Crude Oil ETF: Up 432% in 16 months! 
While the media has been panicking over the collapse in oil prices, had you been using Nest Egg Alert, you could have quadrupled your money in just 16 months.
Sidestep Market Declines and Crashes with Ease
"Rule No. 1: Never lose money. Rule No. 2: Never forget rule no. 1."
Freeport-McMoRan: Down 72.49% in just 1 year!
Had you bought this stock and held it (like most investment advisors tell you), you would have lost 3/4 of your money.
With Nest Egg Alert, you would have safely been out of this stock - and your money would have been preserved.
BlackRock Energy & Resources Fund: Down 38.39% in just 1 year!
Had you bought this mutual fund and held it (like most investment advisors tell you), you would have lost over a 1/3 of your money.
... but with Nest Egg Alert, you would have safely been out of this fund - and your wealth would have been preserved.
Here's How it Works:
1. Find Your Favorite Stocks, ETF's and Mutual Funds
No matter what you're investing in, you can find it here.
With our easy Search feature, you can quickly and easily find any of the stocks, ETF's and mutual funds in any of your portfolios.
(Click the image to enlarge)
2. Know EXACTLY When To Buy, Sell or Hold Your Investments
For every stock, ETF and mutual fund, we give you a simple, clear signal, telling you when to Buy, when to Sell and when to Hold.
When Nest Egg Alert issues a Sell signal, sell that investment and stay in cash. This is the best way to protect yourself from a market decline and preserve your wealth.
When we issue a Buy Signal, it's OK to buy that investment again. 
And when we issue a Hold signal, it simply means to hold your existing investments... but don't buy anything else at the moment.
3. Stay Out of Trouble When Everyone Else is Sinking
One of the greatest dangers of Buy-and-Hold investing is that, when the markets go down, your portfolios go down with it. Had you invested between 2000-2013, you would have made 0%. If you'd been invested in 2007-8, you would have lost over 50%.
But if you had been using Nest Egg Alert, you could have been safely in cash, preserving your wealth, while others were losing most of theirs.
When our signals say to Sell, simply sell your positions, go to cash and wait for the next Buy Signal. Think of how much money you would have saved if you'd known this years ago...
4. Track Your IRA, 401k and Your Investment Portfolio
Like many investors, you may have multiple portfolios - a 401k, a personal IRA and even your own investments.
No matter what type of portfolios you have, you can track them all. Add any stock, ETF or mutual fund to any portfolio, and we'll show you which ones are buys, which ones to sell and which ones to hold and do nothing.
And we'll even show you which ones have changed that week, so you can make the necessary adjustments to your investments.
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5. Get Weekly Alerts Anytime One of Your Investments Changes Status
Get notified of any changes in any of your portfolios using our simple Alerts feature. We'll email you, notifying you of any trends for each of your investments. 
So when you have a buy that changes to a sell, a sell that changes to a hold - or anything else - we'll let you know. And if you prefer not to receive them, a simple click of the mouse turns them off.
6. Go Back in Time to View a History For Anything
Many investment advisors claim to have a great track record. We show you.
For every stock, ETF and mutual fund in your portfolios, you can view one of our Calendars, where we show you how we called it - Buy, Sell or Hold - going back up to 20 years!
Because unlike buy-and-hold advisors, we know very well that the markets go up and down - and we help you stay out of trouble along the way.
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Join the Investing Revolution
Investors from all over the world are using Nest Egg Alert to make more money and protect their portfolios from market crashes with less time and effort than ever before.
Matt V says Nest Egg Alert is "extremely easy to use, and it works magnificently!"
R. Banner in FL says, "This is amazing!! No more guessing. All you do is follow the rules.... The system is easy... If you are going to trade with any other system, get out and buy this."
Jeff F. says it's been "invaluable in my investing business."
Dresden T says Nest Egg Alert makes it"a no-brainer to get in and out of trades and make a profit."
Phillip F - "I was astounded by the accuracy of your service. I have been trading for 10 years and will be trading with you for the next ten or better."
The Best $30 per Month You've Ever Spent on Your Investments - Guaranteed
Try Nest Egg Alert and see for yourself what all the buzz is about. We're taking out all the risk for you.

We truly do believe that Nest Egg Alert will completely revolutionize the way you manage your portfolio, and help you make more money with less time and effort than ever before.

We back this up with our best-in-class guarantee.

If Nest Egg Alert isn't the easiest, simplest, most time-saving $30 per month you've EVER spent on your investments, we'll give you a full refund AND you can finish your 30-day subscription for free.
Save $11,000 Before All Spots Are Filled!
Frequently Asked Questions
How is Nest Egg Alert better than the Buy-and-Hold strategy most people recommend?
Buy-and-Hold only works when the markets go up, but as we've seen over the past 15 years, markets can - and do - go down. Sometimes they even crash.
If you had been buying and holding from 2000-2003, you would have lost half your money. And it would have taken you over 13 years to even break even. If you had been invested during the 2007-08 crash, you would have lost up to 65% of your money.
Investing for the long-term means having the money to invest - and you can do that if you're losing huge chunks of it every time the markets go down. 
Nest Egg Alert is different. We give you clear but simple Buy, Sell and Hold signals for every stock, ETF and mutual fund in your portfolios. You'll know exactly when to be invested and when not to be. Unlike Buy-and-Hold, we help you preserve your wealth by keeping you out of the market and safely in cash, so that you avoid the big losses that plague most investors.
What do I get when I sign up for Nest Egg Alert?
Here is what you get when you sign up today:
• Buy, sell and Hold signals for any stock, ETF and mutual fund and any of your portfolios.
• Our simple Search feature to quickly find any stock, ETF or mutual fund in any of your portfolios.
• Separate tracking portfolios for your IRA, 401k and Investments.
• Email alerts for any changes for any symbol in your portfolios.
• Multi-year historical calendar, showing you our historical signals for every symbol in your portfolios.
• 10-Week Trend History, showing you the most recent Buy, Sell and Hold signals for each symbol you're tracking.
Can I use Nest Egg Alert to track investments for my retirement account?
Yes you can. Nest Egg Alert allows you to find Buy, Sell and Hold signals for all major Stocks, ETF’s and mutual funds traded in the U.S., We provide long-term timeframes which are perfect for retirement accounts.
And because most retirement accounts use a Buy-and-Hold philosophy, Nest Egg Alert gives you a huge advantage. When the markets - and your Stocks, ETF's or Mutual Funds - start going down, you'll get a sell signal, and you can sell them, keep your profits and wait for your next opportunity.
Simply do a search for all of the symbols in your retirement account, and then add them to our IRA, 401k or Investment-tracking portfolios, We'll send you an alert whenever a new Buy, Sell or Hold signal is issued for any one of the symbols on your list.
Can I make long-term investments with Nest Egg Alert?
Absolutely. Nest Egg Alert offers you a weekly update for each of our thousands of stocks, ETF's and mutual funds.
The weekly timeframe provides end of week signals, and investments typically last a few months up to a few years.
What if I'm a daytrader?
Nest Egg Alert is for long-term investors. 
If you're a daytrader and are looking, we recommend going here.
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